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March 18, 2020 Off By StoneCareOnline

Our product store is moving to

Way back in 1999, at the early days of the Internet, and certainly the early days of what became eCommerce, and being an early tech adopter, we set out to build an eCommerce site to offer what I believed to be the best products available to take care of your natural stone surfaces.

HMK Stone Care Products from Germany

When I started working as a Marble Mason Apprentice in 1979, the ONLY worldwide manufacturer of Sealers and Cleaning products specifically made for Natural Stone, came from a Bavarrian company called Moeller Chemie. In North America these products were marketed as HMK Stone Care, and only sold through Natural Stone and Masonry professionals. The sealers and maintenance products could only be purchased through HMK Stone Care Dealers.

HMK Stone Care Products never sold at Big Box stores!

So in 1999 we launched our first eCommerce store using the domain/url of HMK Stone and we quickly rose to the top of the “Search Engines” way before the little startup called Google came along! It’s hard to believe that there were other search engines before Google. Now as everyone knows, the word Google is now a verb. We quickly ranked #1 in organic search with this domain, but drew the ire of the original US importer because we ranked higher than the factory site. They asked that we change our URL because we were using their “Trademark” initials in the URL. So we changed our name to StoneCareOnline.

Now soooo many choices!

many options available for granite and marble sealers
Now Many Choices

“Stone Care” products are Everywhere!

Now even at the grocery store you can find “Granite Cleaners” and “Granite Polish” at your local grocery, hardware, or box store. Some of the brands are OK, but many are simply not good for natural stone, can build up, and in some cases, actually damage granite and marble counters and floors. One recently introduced brand that has been cleverly market initially caught on, but has caused many damage claims, and has brought serious financial damage to many stone fabricators.

Our Amazon Store

As a convenience to our regular customers, several years ago we offered our top selling products on Amazon. You can find these HMK Stone Care products HERE however, we also will continue to provide these and many other stone care product solutions through our store.

Rely on a Proven Stone Care Company!

For more than Forty Years HMK Stone Care has been delivering consistent and proven results. As a Marble Mason, Fabricator, Installation Contractor, Stone Restoration Contractor, and Distributor, we have had great success using, specifying, and recommending HMK Stone Care products to Homeowners, Architects, Landscape Architects, and Contractors. For more than 20 years, I used to test other brands against HMK Stone Care products, and I was consistently disappointed, so I stopped doing product comparisons. Additionally, for the past 20 years we have regularly heard from our customers that certain leading brands “didn’t work” and we have been called on to provide a solution.

Do you have a Stain on your Stone Countertop, or looking for an effective Stone Sealer? Contact Us!

Believe it or not, but we actually return phone messages and emails. Contact Us if you need assistance solving a problem or need product recommendations. We will be happy to assist to help you remove stains from marble or granite, and help solve many other issues and problems.

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