Stains on Granite & Marble?

Stains on Granite & Marble?

November 27, 2019 Off By Torin Dixon

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clean wine stains on marble and granite

First Thing to do…

Wipe up spot or stain with paper towels, then Flush area with a solution of dishsoap and warm water. Saturate a washcloth in the soap solution and cover stain. Allow to dwell on spot for 30 minutes. Repeat for 2 hours. If stain has not been completely removed, you’ll likely need to order a professional stain remover.

Order HMK-Stain Removing Poultice

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HMK® R152 is an active cleaning paste/poultice that removes oil, wax and grease stains as well as silicone smears and mineral deposits from all natural and artificial stones, ceramic, porcelain and concrete surfaces. HMK® R152 also removes dirt and stains from tile edges caused by the application of unsuitable silicone sealers and grout or mastic sealers. The poultice penetrates up to 2 cm in depth and is safe for use on polished and fine honed surfaces.

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To prevent future stains, we recommend using a quality Stone Impregnating Sealer. There are a few high quality sealers, but after using the HMK Stone Sealers for more than 35 years, we find the HMK Stone Care products to be superior. We offer both Solvent and Water Based Sealers:

HMK S234 Silicone Impregnating Sealer
HMK S232 Water Based Impregnating Sealer

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