So What is Deep Cleaning of Granite & Marble?

August 20, 2015 Off By StoneCareOnline

In my last post HERE I talked about how easy it is to Clean Granite. What I should have said is Maintain Granite. There is a difference.

As I have mentioned before, polished granite and marble countertops most often lose their luster and sparkle much like how a diamond ring can begin to look dull. Hand lotions, and even skin oils coat the ring, making it appear dull. With a quick dip in jewelry cleaner, a diamond or other gemstone will regain its brilliance.

Polished natural stone behaves exactly the same way! Polished granite is not coated with a shiny lacquer, rather, it is polished with progressively finer grit abrasives until it retains a shine. Dish water & soap, food spills, and even many household ‘cleaners’ can also build up, coating the polished stone preventing it from displaying its natural luster.

This is where “Deep Cleaning” comes in for natural stone. We have created a Deep Cleaning page that recommends HMK Stone Care products to strip off oils, soap residues and other common films that create a dull appearance.

Following these recommendations will restore the brilliance and luster of your polished granite and marble countertops.

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