Remove Smoke & Soot from Brick and Stone Fireplaces

April 19, 2021 Off By Christian Stovall

Cleaning Smoke from Brick & Stone is Easy

Burning wood in your fireplace, or outdoor living area can often deposit soot and smoke on Natural Stone or Brick. Cleaning this can be relatively easy using Professional Grade Intensive Cleaner from HMK Stone Care.

clean smoke from brick

Start by mixing a solution of HMK R155 Intensive Cleaner and water in a spray bottle. A 25% solution works well for light smoke coverage, and for heavier buildup of smoke and soot, try a 50% solution.

Spray solution on the brick or stone and allow 5-10 minutes to activate. Repeat spray for 30 minutes allowing the solution to work. Next, scrub area with a nylon bristle scrub brush. Scrub in a circular motion for 5-minutes.

Next step is to Rinse Well using a sponge (or cotton rag) and warm water. Rinse very well, as the solution is quite concentrated. Then allow to dry.

sponging off soap when cleaning natural stone or brick

Allow to Dry and Gauge Results – Repeat if Necessary

results after cleaning brick with hmk intensive cleaner

Cleaning Smoke and Soot from a Masonry Fireplace is not as difficult as you may think. Using the right product can make it go quickly.

(actual elapsed time 34 minutes)

For assistance selecting the correct product to Clean, Protect, and Maintain natural stone, brick, and cast stone, contact our experts. 800-380-6881 or by EMAIL