R155 Intensive Cleaner

October 13, 2020 Off By StoneCareOnline

Truly Incredible Multipurpose Cleaner!

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Cleans more than Dirty Grout

A few years ago I wrote an update about the HMK R155 Intensive Stone Cleaner, and called it “Magic Juice” . (see LINK) and this product continues to amaze.

Can this “Magic Juice” even clean Toilets?

Yesterday, on a whim, while cleaning my personal shower with R155, I decided to use up the last 1/4 of the 1-liter bottle I was using, by dumping it in my toilet bowl. I’m sorry to say that I did not take any before & after pictures.

This is the thing….because of our well water, our toilets are VERY hard to keep clean. This particular toilet was so stained and no type of toilet bowl cleaner really helped. It was so bad that I was considering replacing the toilet because it was so unsightly.

But then….

After I dumped about 1/4-Liter of Intensive Cleaner into the toilet bowl, I went back to work (home office Covid duty) and forgot about the situation until several hours later. When I went back in (about 3-hours later) I immediately noticed that the toilet was quite a bit cleaner, and remembered that I had dumped the remaining Intensive Cleaner into the bowl.

With a little Scrub…..Magic Happened Again!

I grabbed the toilet brush, and gave it a few swishes….and to my utter amazement, the toilet looked Almost New!! It is incredible how well this HMK R155 Intensive Stone Cleaner works. I’ve written extensively on this blog about how amazing this cleaner is. (see link Cleaning Neglected Stone) but to my complete amazement this product Even Cleans Toilets!!

If you have a difficult Stone Cleaning Issue, please consider using this product…or contact us for technical advise on your stone cleaning issue.

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