Miracle Stone Cleaner R155

Miracle Stone Cleaner R155

May 22, 2019 Off By Torin Dixon

HMK R155 Intensive Cleaner does it again!

Severely Neglected Travertine Floor Before Cleaning…can this floor be saved?

We were called out to a local Western Montana floor project last week. A wonderful couple had bought their Dream Home in Montana, but it had a severe problem…very, and I mean VERY dirty travertine floors. Their question… “Can this floor be saved?”

For years I have written stories about how Amazing the HMK R155 Intensive Cleaner is, and each time I test the limits I am surprised again! After years of neglect, a large accumulation of dirt and grime had built up on these floors. The new homeowners were very concerned as to whether they would have to replace their floors (at considerable expense) in total, there was nearly 900 square feet of damaged and cruddy travertine floors.

As usual, we attacked it with our Go-To Cleaner, HMK R155 Intensive Cleaner. This is a low-alkaline Deep Cleaner made specifically for all natural stone surfaces. Because it is “Acid-Free”, it will not damage any stone.

HMK R155 Intensive Cleaner

The key to success is to let the product “Dwell or Activate” for 15-30 minutes before scrubbing. This gives the product time to breakdown grease and grime, helping to bring life back to damaged stone.

Once activated, you can begin scrubbing the floors either by hand with a deck brush, or for large floors with a floor scrubbing machine.

Depending on condition of stone, your dilution rate may vary. Standard dilution is 1-part Intensive Cleaner to 4-parts warm water

Once you have vigorously scrubbed the floors, you can either mop up the dirty water, or for large floors using a wet-vac (defoamer is required in tank). Then rinse VERY well to remove all residue. Allow to dry. In some cases (like this one) we had to do two applications at a stronger solution to break through the layers of dirt.

“The results were Amazing” according to homeowners Steve and Tammy. They thought for sure that the floors would need to be replaced.

Cleaned and Sealed Traverting floors using HMK Stone Care Products

If you have a difficult cleaning project on your natural stone (or cast stone), please give our experts a call to help you find the right cleaning solution.

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