Do I really NEED to Seal my Granite or Marble Counters?

Do I really NEED to Seal my Granite or Marble Counters?

September 7, 2019 Off By Torin Dixon

Clearing up the Confusion…

The Answer is Not Always YES!

Consider the following…

Let’s simplify things first to help you understand if you need to seal your Granite, Marble or other Stone Surfaces.

  1. Most Stone is absorbent – to test, pour 1-tablespoon of water on stone and wait 15 minutes. Blot with paper towel and see if stone is darker. If so, then your stone has absorbed water and should be sealed.
  2. Lighter Colored Stone is more Porous – White and Cream colored granite and marble are generally more porous than dark colors.
  3. Polished Stone is less absorbent than honed or textured stone – the polishing process closes up the pores of stone slowing down absorption.
  4. Some stones DO NOT need to be Sealed at all – Certain granite colors like Emerald Pearl, Blue Pearl, and some Black Absolute (India) may not need to be sealed to protect from stains…but sealing aids in daily maintenance.

In General, MOST types of Stone Should be Sealed to Prevent Stains and to aid in Daily/Weekly maintenance.


In General, Solvent Based Sealers do work best because the molecule of the carrier (solvent) is smaller and more slippery than water molecules – thus, the protectant is carried deeper into the stone pores.

Solvent Based Sealers work best on Polished Stone

Water Based Sealers work well on Very Porous Stone

Example…Unfilled Travertine or Turkish and Mexican Travertine are MORE porous than French Limestone and MOST Polished Marble and Granite stones. THE KEY IS – DO A WATER TEST! if water absorbs into the stone immediately, then your stone is a good candidate for a Water Based Impregnating Sealer. We offer a Professional Grade Water Based Impregnator from Moeller HMK Stone Care from Germany. LINK

If when doing the water test, the water “Beads Up” and slowly absorbs into the stone then we highly recommend a Solvent Based Impregnator. We offer a quality Silicone Impregnating Sealer from HMK, the S234 Sealer


This question falls into two General Categories:

  1. Topicals work great on Honed (unpolished) and Textured Stone
  2. Topicals should NOT be used in Wet Areas (showers) or Outdoors

We Generally Recommend Solvent Sealers for MOST Polished and Dense Stone…

Solvent Based Impregnating Sealers perform better…and last longer.

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