Do I need a Stone Cleaner?

Do I need a Stone Cleaner?

October 28, 2019 Off By Torin Dixon

Do I buy a Commercial Stone Cleaner or “Make your Own” solution from the Internet…

Here’s the pitch from

DIY Stone Cleaner?? Be Careful

  1. If you know much about natural stone, you likely understand that most stone countertops are porous, and should be sealed to prevent staining. Another common issue is that Oils are NOT a stones best friend. Oils cause stone to darken and can be difficult to remove with household cleaners. So why would you add an essential oil to your stone cleaner?
  2. Rubbing Alcohol is a strong solvent (70% alcohol) that can break down any sealers that may be applied to your granite or marble countertop.
  3. Dish Soap (as detailed in a previous post) is a strong alkaline cleaners. Most common dish soaps are high pH cleaners, that’s how they cut grease so well. Many dish soaps are pH 12-14 which can also degrade your sealer over time.
  4. WATER….well of all the ingredients on the DIY Granite Cleaner list, water is the safest….however, some households have hard water which can cause mineral buildup.

So What’s a Better Solution?

How about a pH Neutral Stone Cleaner specifically formulated to safely and gently clean marble, granite, limestone…..any natural stone surface? Yes, the Germans figured out a perfect formula back in the 1970’s and HMK Stone Soap has been the worldwide leading brand for decades.

Never heard of HMK Stone Care? This is not surprising, given that HMK has only been distributed to the trade through stone professionals.

HMK P324 Liquid Stone Soap is a highly concentrated pH Neutral cleaner for all natural stone. One liter diluted will cover up to 8000 square feet. This amount of coverage will clean the average kitchen countertop about 200 times. A great value!

For detailed information from the manufacturer, click HERE

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