Cleaning Mineral Buildup on Marble Tiles

December 4, 2013 Off By StoneCareOnline

The DixonsAmazed at HMK R55 Intensive Cleaner!
By Torin Dixon

For more than 30 years, I have been using HMK Stone Care products to Clean, Protect, and Maintain natural stone surfaces. And even though I know how well these products work, sometimes I am astonished at just how well they perform!

Recently I was called in to look at a severely neglected Crema Marfil shower. The owner had not sealed the shower in more than 10 years. In addition, even though they used a water softener, there was significant mineral scale buildup on the surface. Lastly, they also had Rust Mold on the surface and in the grout joints on the walls.

Initially I thought the shower had been damaged beyond repair, but I offered to try and clean it up with HMK R55 Intensive Cleaner. When rubbing my hand across the surface, it felt etched and pitted. The best I thought would happen was to remove the Rust Mold and Black Mold from the grout joints.

I mixed 1-part R55 with 1-part warm water and began to apply using our Economy Scrub Brush. I also scrubbed the grout joints with the R55 solution using our Grout Brush. These tools really help to make a nasty job a little bit easier!

I allowed the R55 solution to dwell on the surface by continually scrubbing the walls, starting at the top, and working my way down. I repeated the process numerous times over the course of one hour. I was quite amazed that as the R55 solution activated, it began to dissolve the mineral deposits. What I thought had been severe etching, was actually layer upon layer of mineral scale. It took quite a bit of scrubbing, but after I finally rinsed the surface with clean water, all the mineral deposits had been removed. The salts from the water softener had however damaged the surface of the marble, slightly etching it, but the transformation was quite remarkable.

I am sorry I did not take pictures of this transformation, but I did not think I could save the shower. Needless to say, the homeowner was pleasantly surprised at the results.

To adequately protect the surface, I suggest annual Deep Cleaning using R55 Intensive Cleaner, followed up with sealing the stone with a quality Impregnator, and regularly maintained using a pH neutral cleaner. This program will greatly protect and enhance the look of all natural stone.

If you have a stone cleaning or maintenance question, please contact Torin or Diane Dixon at 800-380-6881