Cleaning Granite Counters?

Cleaning Granite Counters?

June 16, 2020 Off By StoneCareOnline

We are Cleaning more due to COVID.
It is important to Clean with the right products to preserve your Granite and Marble Countertops!

With so much cleaning going on due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, it is more important than ever to use the best cleaning products to preserve your Granite and Marble countertops. Harsh cleaning products can Break Down Sealers, and some cleaning products can actually damage Marble counters.

The Natural Stone Institute recommends cleaning stone with a pH Neutral Cleaner…

For details on what the leading industry group in North America says about Care and Cleaning see the Natural Stone Institute CARE page.

Antibacterial Cleaners often have harsh chemicals and/or alcohol to kill bacteria and virus. These chemicals can break down sealers, leaving porous stone vulnerable to staining. High alkaline cleaners and alcohol are solvents and can diminish the ability of sealers and impregnators to work.

Even Dish Soap can break down Stone Sealers!

Many common dish soaps are high alkaline cleaners. The pH can often be as high as 14. This works great for cleaning greasy pots and pans, but it can potentially harm natural stone. Fortunately, there are many good quality maintenance cleaners available. Moeller Chemie in Germany was one of the first companies in the world to develop Stone Cleaners and Sealers. They developed the First pH Neutral Maintenance Cleaner for Natural Stone for the North American market.

HMK Stone Care – P324 Stone Soap to the rescue!

Cleaning granite or marble countertops is VERY EASY when using a stone specific maintenance cleaner. If you choose to use HMK Stone Soap, we recommend pouring 2-capfuls of Stone Soap into a 16 ounce Spray Bottle, then fill with water. Spray your counters with the solution, then let it dwell on the surface for 5-minutes, (maybe do 100 push-ups or sit-ups to kill the time) then wipe counters dry with a microfiber cloth or paper towels.

That’s It…Cleaning Granite or Marble is Easy!

For porous stone, light colored granite or marble, it is essential that you seal the stone to prevent staining from foods and other spills. We suggest using a quality Impregnating (penetrating) sealer. Again, there are some good products out in the market, but after working in the industry for more than forty years, I have tried most of the sealers out there, and I have settled on the HMK Stone Care Sealers and Impregnators.

Sealer or Impregnator…which one?

Sealers are usually described as something that acts like a layer between the stone and a spill, or dirt and grime. We call these Topical Sealers.

Impregnators are agents that absorb deep into the pores of the stone to fill the gaps between hard crystals (like Quartz and Feldspar in granite), or are readily absorbed into the softer stone like calcium based stones like marble and travertine. You can select from water-based or solvent-based impregnators. Generally, solvent-based impregnators work better, and they can drive the sealing agents deeper into the stone because they have smaller molecules. Fortunately, HMK Stone Care also developed great sealers and impregnators. See all the options HERE

Cleaning your stone surfaces is essential during these times of pandemic. Selecting the best products to efficiently Clean and Protect stone surfaces is easy.

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