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Holiday Entertaining – And Wine Spills on Granite or Marble Counters

With the Holiday Season fast approaching, you may be concerned about how to protect your natural stone surfaces from the inevitable spills that occur during festive gatherings. Well, with just a a few professional stone care products, you can rest assured that your beautiful natural stone won’t be permanently damaged. The key is proper treatment…

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Love Your Granite Countertops ~ Valentines Day Special Discount

VALENTINE SPECIAL Pamper your favorite Granite, Marble, and all Natural Stone Surfaces with Professional Grade Cleaners and Sealers fromHMK Stone Care. Use DISCOUNT CODE:    17VALHMKat checkout for 15% off. ($17.00 minimum purchase)offer good through 2/14/2017

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What is an Oleophobic Stone Sealer?

Wikipedia “Oleophobic” (from the Latin oleum “oil”, Greek ελαιοφοβικό eleophobico from έλαιο eleo “oil” and φόβος phobos “fear”) refers to the physical property of a molecule that is repelled from oil. When it comes to Granite and Marble countertops and other decorative surfaces, oil is the worst enemy. Even though many granite slabs are Resin Impregnated, oil can still penetrate. Take a look at the picture here. Both pieces were…

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The Most Important Thing for New Granite Countertops – PROTECTION!

Protect Your Investment – Use Professional Grade Impregnating Sealers By Torin Dixon Ok, you just had beautiful granite or marble countertops installed, or you just bought a house with stone countertops. Make the best decision before you start using your new counters, PROTECT YOUR INVESTMENT by treating your counters with a Professional Grade product. HMK…

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