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Muriatic Acid will Ruin Bluestone Problem with Rust on Bluestone We receive calls each week from panicked homeowners shortly after installing their expensive Bluestone Pavers when their Stone Mason mistakenly uses Muriatic Acid to clean the grout residue, and within hours their beautiful bluestone turns yellow (see image above, lower area) due to the acid…

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Love Your Granite Countertops ~ Valentines Day Special Discount

VALENTINE SPECIAL Pamper your favorite Granite, Marble, and all Natural Stone Surfaces with Professional Grade Cleaners and Sealers fromHMK Stone Care. Use DISCOUNT CODE:    17VALHMKat checkout for 15% off. ($17.00 minimum purchase)offer good through 2/14/2017

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Remove Etching from Marble

How Marble Etches Marble is a beautiful and functional surface UNTIL it Etches! Understand that all Marble surfaces are Calcium based stone that can be easily damaged by Acids and High Alkalies. The photo above is from Edie Wadsworth’s blog Living in Grace -Living with Marble In her article, Edie talks about the pitfalls of…

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Understanding HMK’s new Product Numbering System

HMK Stone Care from Germany was the first Worldwide company to develop a complete system of Stone Care products. Since the 1970’s, Moeller HMK-StoneCare has developed Professional Grade products that are designed to work together as a complete Stone Care System. The first objective is to Clean – Stains, Coatings, Dirt, Buildup The second objective…

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Cleaning Rust Stains on Bluestone – Countering Misinformation on the Web

How to Clean Rust on Bluestone There’s Much Misinformation on the Web We receive numerous calls from concerned homeowners about Rust Stains appearing on Bluestone pavers. There are unfortunately many websites with “solutions”, but very few offer professional advice. Katherine C. called us a few weeks ago from South Carolina, in a panic about rust…

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Example of Why Natural Stone needs to be Protected

Here is a prime example of why Natural Stone surfaces need to be Protected with a quality penetrating stone sealer. There are a few problems at work on this once beautiful Sandstone exterior facade. First, a silane impregnator was used to protect the caulk joints at the time of construction. Amazingly, the impregnator used adjacent to…

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“My Granite Looks Like New…thanks to R55 Intensive Cleaner”

Carol from Louisiana called to rave about HMK R55 Intensive Cleaner to clean grease stains off her granite countertops. by Torin Dixon Carol had granite installed about 7 years ago, and over the years she noticed the granite getting darker near her stove. She quite accurately assumed it was grease and oil splattering on the…

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