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Only P324 Stone Soap for Estate featuring Apple Store Floor Tile

Pietra Serena Sandstone – Apple Stores We recently shipped out a large order of our flagship product, the HMK P324 Stone Soap to a Tadao Ando designed estate featuring 43,000 square feet of Pietra Serena Sandstone. Pietra Serena Sandstone is the stone famously selected by Steve Jobs at 10-times the cost of concrete that the…

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Example of Why Natural Stone needs to be Protected

Here is a prime example of why Natural Stone surfaces need to be Protected with a quality penetrating stone sealer. There are a few problems at work on this once beautiful Sandstone exterior facade. First, a silane impregnator was used to protect the caulk joints at the time of construction. Amazingly, the impregnator used adjacent to…

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