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Do You Have Stains on Your Natural Stone – We Have Solutions!

See our Stain Removal Chart below HMK Stone Care has Solutions to all stains on Natural and Cast Stone… StoneCareOnline offers a comprehensive solution to many of the most common stains on Granite, Marble, Limestone, Slate, Travertine, and other Stone Surfaces Do you have Rust Stains on your Granite? How about Rust Spots on your…

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How Silane Stone Sealers Work

Silanes are one of the impregnators manufactured by HMK Stone Care Germany. The silane molecule is the smallest of the solvents for carrying water repellants deep into stone. For more information, please see article from Dow Corning. Because of these unique properties, silane based impregnators offer better protection for dense granites, usually darker colored granites,…

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Repairing and Sealing Painted Concrete Floor

Questioner: Danyale Category: Construction & Contractors Private: No Subject: sealer question Question: Hello, thanks for taking the time to do this, you are a special bunch of people who I really respect.  I have and issue I need help with.  A friend was building a new home and wanted an really unique concrete floor painting.…

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