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Stains on Granite & Marble?

Solving Thanksgiving Emergencies First Thing to do… Wipe up spot or stain with paper towels, then Flush area with a solution of dishsoap and warm water. Saturate a washcloth in the soap solution and cover stain. Allow to dwell on spot for 30 minutes. Repeat for 2 hours. If stain has not been completely removed,…

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Do I need a Stone Cleaner?

Do I buy a Commercial Stone Cleaner or “Make your Own” solution from the Internet… Here’s the pitch from If you know much about natural stone, you likely understand that most stone countertops are porous, and should be sealed to prevent staining. Another common issue is that Oils are NOT a stones best friend.…

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Miracle Stone Cleaner R155

HMK R155 Intensive Cleaner does it again! Severely Neglected Travertine Floor Before Cleaning…can this floor be saved? We were called out to a local Western Montana floor project last week. A wonderful couple had bought their Dream Home in Montana, but it had a severe problem…very, and I mean VERY dirty travertine floors. Their question……

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Do You Have Stains on Your Natural Stone – We Have Solutions!

See our Stain Removal Chart below HMK Stone Care has Solutions to all stains on Natural and Cast Stone… StoneCareOnline offers a comprehensive solution to many of the most common stains on Granite, Marble, Limestone, Slate, Travertine, and other Stone Surfaces Do you have Rust Stains on your Granite? How about Rust Spots on your…

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Don’t Use Vinegar on Marble!

Great Advice from our Friends at Microfiber Wholesale! Vinegar is an Acid that can etch polished marble surfaces. Using a pH Neutral Cleaner is best for Cleaning Marble and Granite surfaces. StoneCareOnline has it all! We offer everything you need to Clean, Protect, and Maintain all types of Natural Stone, Quartz, Porcelain, and Cast Stone…

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Homemade Poultice – FAIL

THINKING ABOUT USING A “HOMEMADE” STAIN REMOVING POULTICE?YOU MAY WANT TO THINK AGAIN… Do you trust the Internet? We have a customer who called us in a panic about her Black Granite countertops. She had used a “homemade poultice” recipe she found on the internet, using Hydrogen Peroxide and flour. Mixing it into a paste,…

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