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Are Essential Oils good for Natural Stone Cleaning?

Recently we came across a blog post by the leading Essential Oil distributor, Doterra┬«. This post (see LINK) offers several great points about cleaning natural stone including not using abrasive cleaners, and also NOT using acids like vinegar and citrus acids. Our concern is the recommendation of adding 15-drops of doTERRA OnGuard┬«, along with 1/2…

By Torin Dixon November 17, 2020 0

R155 Intensive Cleaner

Truly Incredible Multipurpose Cleaner! A few years ago I wrote an update about the HMK R155 Intensive Stone Cleaner, and called it “Magic Juice” . (see LINK) and this product continues to amaze. Can this “Magic Juice” even clean Toilets? Yesterday, on a whim, while cleaning my personal shower with R155, I decided to use…

By Torin Dixon October 13, 2020 0

Why Soap is better than Alcohol – Coronavirus

Referencing an article by Palli Thordarson Why does soap work so well on the new coronavirus and, indeed, most viruses? Because it is a self-assembled nanoparticle. We are changing our recommendation for Daily Cleaning of Granite & Marble Countertops For the past 30 or more years (before we started StoneCareOnline in 1999), we always recommended…

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StoneCareOnline is Moving!

Our product store is moving to Way back in 1999, at the early days of the Internet, and certainly the early days of what became eCommerce, and being an early tech adopter, we set out to build an eCommerce site to offer what I believed to be the best products available to take care…

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Stains on Granite & Marble?

Solving Thanksgiving Emergencies First Thing to do… Wipe up spot or stain with paper towels, then Flush area with a solution of dishsoap and warm water. Saturate a washcloth in the soap solution and cover stain. Allow to dwell on spot for 30 minutes. Repeat for 2 hours. If stain has not been completely removed,…

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Do I need a Stone Cleaner?

Do I buy a Commercial Stone Cleaner or “Make your Own” solution from the Internet… Here’s the pitch from If you know much about natural stone, you likely understand that most stone countertops are porous, and should be sealed to prevent staining. Another common issue is that Oils are NOT a stones best friend.…

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