Month: December 2020

Do Quartzite Countertops need to be Sealed?

What’s the difference between Quartz and Quartzite? Quartzite countertops are quite the rage these days. Quartzite is a natural stone and has very beautiful veining and coloration. It is quite expensive lately (late 2020) compared to decades ago due to its popularity. I came across an informative article HERE comparing the two surfaces. Quartz is…

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Saying Goodbye to 2020

Now offering FREE SHIPPING! Are you ready for NEW in 2021? We are! 2020 has been one of the most unusual in recent history. So many changes, and so many sorrows for many in our country. We are wanting to make the transition into 2021 by offering FREE SHIPPING. For a limited time, we are…

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Which Stone Cleaner?

How do you know what product to buy to Clean your Stone Counters? When you browse the cleaning products isle at your local grocery store or Box store, there are MANY different Stone Cleaners to chose from. But which product is best for your granite or marble countertops? Did you know Weiman products are owned…

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