Month: December 2015

UPS Shipping Rates Increase in 2016

During Record Low Oil Prices, UPS Raises Rates for 2016! Each December, we cringe to see what the rate increase will be for the following year. This year (effective Dec. 28, 2015) the average rate increase is 4.9% We have absorbed these rate increases for years while continuing to offer Fixed Rate shipping ($9.97) on…

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Homemade Granite Cleaner – Here we go again!

Last July I published an article about “Homemade Granite Cleaners” WIKIHOW IS WRONG About Granite Cleaners! The issue is these (well intentioned) solutions can actually harm natural stone surfaces, especially polished marble, travertine, and onyx because of the higher alkaline content and use of isopropyl alcohol. Another very popular website offers a similar Homemade Granite…

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What is an Oleophobic Stone Sealer?

Wikipedia “Oleophobic” (from the Latin oleum “oil”, Greek ελαιοφοβικό eleophobico from έλαιο eleo “oil” and φόβος phobos “fear”) refers to the physical property of a molecule that is repelled from oil. When it comes to Granite and Marble countertops and other decorative surfaces, oil is the worst enemy. Even though many granite slabs are Resin Impregnated, oil can still penetrate. Take a look at the picture here. Both pieces were…

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