Month: January 2013

White Film in Slate Shower Leaching out of Grout Joints

Here is a classic example how unprotected stone, and lack of regular maintenance can create a very unsightly film on Slate and other Natural Stone surfaces, particularly in Wet Areas. Moisture, can and does, penetrate all Unprotected Natural Stone. When this moisture reacts with naturally occurring salts in the stone itself, the mortar setting bed,…

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Light Colored “Stains” on Black Granite – The Saga Continues

“Sandy” from SC called today to ask for advice about light rings where shot glasses were set on her black granite. First of all, black ‘granite’ is not a true Geological Granite, they are Basalt. For more information click HERE. Some factories primarily in India and China, “doctor” their black stone with dyes that darken…

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