Month: October 2012

How Often Should Granite be “Polished”

Diane F. from Columbus, OH asks: How often do you recommend polishing my granite and the product you recommend? I’m just trying to get all the info from different companies. Answer: Hi Diane, The term “polishing” often has different meanings to different people based on the condition of their stone. Granite is polished in the…

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How Silane Stone Sealers Work

Silanes are one of the impregnators manufactured by HMK Stone Care Germany. The silane molecule is the smallest of the solvents for carrying water repellants deep into stone. For more information, please see article from Dow Corning. Because of these unique properties, silane based impregnators offer better protection for dense granites, usually darker colored granites,…

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Removing Efflorescence from Exterior Slate Tile

John C. from San Francisco called about a recurring problem with Efflorescence on his exterior deck. We discovered that while some of the slate was covered, there was an open skylight where more rain would fall on the slate. This is where the heaviest concentration of white powder residue occurred. Through extensive product development and…

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